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Harry Nunn

Director & Head Coach 

Next Generation Sports Coaching



A Bit About Me

Where my passion for coaching began 

My coaching journey began when I left school at the age of 18 in June 2015. I was a student at The Harvey Grammar School in Folkestone, who were passionate about sports. I believe this kickstarted my journey as a sports coach. In fact, an opportunity came up for an apprenticeship in coaching when I finished secondary school, which involved being based at the school as a Sports Technician. My role involved working with the school combined with working for a local charity who were trying to encourage sport within the local area. I worked with this charity for the following two years, which involved working within local primary schools to promote healthy living and physical education. This is where I began to build relationships with the schools I was working in, from providing after-school clubs to gradually teaching curriculum PE lessons. Coupled with my previous experience and relationships with those local schools who have helped to guide me on the right path, I felt this kickstarted my journey.

Business in the pipeline

A couple of years after starting my sports coaching journey, I knew exactly what I wanted to do... start up my own business! Encouragement from the local schools I was working for and the parents of the children I was coaching helped to build my confidence in taking the plunge. It was something I started to look at in detail, but then the dreaded COVID hit and being forced into lockdown changed the entire dynamic of my work. I decided to put the business launch on hold until we were past the worst. That time is now! 

The start of Next Generation Sports Coaching

As I started to set up my business I realised there may be some hurdles along the way but, like a true sportsman, I'm always up for a challenge! The first challenge was choosing the right name for the business. I coined 'Next Generation Sports Coaching' simply because I want to inspire the next generation through sporting activities and healthy living. I remember being a young pupil at school myself and finding huge comfort in sports clubs and PE lessons; they were always something I'd look forward to. PE encourages both physical and mental health, and that is why I strongly believe it is just as important as any other curriculum subject.

I hope to continue my sports coaching journey far into the future. I'd love it if you joined me on this journey and I hope to see you soon, whether it be in the local schools, community projects, or at a holiday camp. I appreciate every ounce of support!

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